"I’m not a prophet or a stone age man, just a mortal with the potential of superman."

David Bowie

Matching Progressive Employers and Experienced Candidates

Our Employers

We are a bespoke online recruitment platform for employers wishing to hire experienced candidates.

    • Whether a private entrepreneur, startup, SME, school or university, we celebrate and promote forward thinking employers and charities who champion the unrivalled talent of our accomplished candidates.
    • We encourage employers to think about flexible working practices and promote these jobs and voluntary roles extensively.
    • BNW has a wide network and we advertise each role individually dependent on the target audience for each vacancy.
    • Many cost effective ways to use us:
      • Advertising only: You list your roles. We conduct extensive email, social media and advertising campaigns. Employers receive all applications. Useful when budgets are constrained.
      • Confidential Advertising: Contact us for further information.
      • Bespoke Search: Contact us for further information.
      • Advising and Recruiting for Returner Programmes: Contact us for further information.


Our Candidates

Returners | Rethinkers | Rebalancers | Retirers
We provide an umbrella: Jobs, charitable opportunities and training.

    • We offer general support, CV and Career Counselling plus our own Upskilling Programmes to give greater confidence, soft skills and hard tech and social media know how.
    • All applicants must have 5+years' work experience and most have come to us through word of mouth.
    • We are very select in what roles we offer, only advertising roles we would take on ourselves in companies and charities we know will appreciate our candidates.


How We Work

    • Employers - Advertising only post a new role. Suitable candidates are alerted by via our website, social media posts and external advertising sites.
    • Employers - Confidential Advertising/Bespoke Search or creating a Returner Programme contact us. Suitable candidates are alerted by via our website, social media posts and external advertising sites.
    • Candidates - set up personal alerts. Setting up your personal alerts ensure applicants view suitable positions directly they are posted. Crucial to being the first to know as many lovely roles are snapped up quickly.
      Candidates then apply directly through our site either to an employer or to BNW if we are conducting a Search on behalf of a company or setting up a Returner Programme. 

Are You?

Returning -
 wanting to return to work after a break.

Rethinking - wish to find a new role.

Rebalancing - reassessing your work/life balance.

Retiring - are interested in a charitable role.


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"Bold New World made our search for an experienced person to fill a part time role in our office easy. They understood exactly what we needed and ensured we had a number of excellent candidates to interview. As a result we have found the ideal employee for our business. I thoroughly recommend their services."

Nick Hornby, Managing Partner - CERNO CAPITAL

"I was delighted with how easy it was to apply for the role and how speedy the process was. In addition, the roles offered by BNW are varied and not just focused on one industry to location."

Successful Bold New World Candidate

"The Country Food Trust urgently needed to recruit an experienced person to join our expanding team and we turned to Bold New World to help. Being a growing charity, it was important that our new recruit fit our culture quickly, had a real can-do attitude and understood hard work. Katharine Landale took time to understand our brief and undertook the task in a thoroughly professional manner. Katharine was efficient, discrete, positive and added a good dose of humour to the recruitment process. The result was we were introduced to an exceptional candidate whom we hired within a week. Katharine is an absolute pleasure to work with and we would not hesitate in recommending BNW”. 

Tim Woodward, Chief Executive - THE COUNTRY FOOD TRUST

"We posted a position on Bold New World for a brand ambassador in October 2019.  As a result we are now successfully working with a freelance brand ambassador who comes with 20 years’ experience in the footwear industry and is a great help to us expanding our distribution networks and growing the brand. She now represents us in Buckinghamshire, Sussex and Bedfordshire.  Thank-you for your help."

Lucy, Director - TALOLO BOOTS

"As Sparrow Garden Design grew, we needed someone to take over the back office and day to day detailed running of the company quickly – they needed to be efficient, friendly and able to use their initiative. We approached Bold New World and, very quickly, they found the perfect candidate. Having previously worked seven days a week and on call 24 hours a day, she and was now looking for a less demanding schedule but with an exciting new business – luckily for us she decided to join us and has used her efficiency to transform and streamline the office and accounting systems.

The perfect candidate for us was someone returning to work who was happy to work a few days a week – ideally with a bit of flexibility as to which days. She fitted the bill perfectly with her confidence and natural way with people. We would not hesitate to recommend Bold New World."

Sparrow Morgan-Grenville, Founder - SPARROW GARDEN DESIGN

"Bold New World makes a daunting task very straightforward. We were delighted with the applicants and would not hesitate to recommend Bold New World.”

Lucinda Sowerbutts - TIM GOSLING LTD.

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