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Katharine Landale - Founder

Having worked for Citigroup and BNP Paribas, I had a good track record, a mindset of hard work, can do attitude and a rock solid CV.

Yet I was in for a shock at how difficult, depressing and deadly the whole process of finding an engaging, flexible job was. With two teenagers at home I both needed to get out of the house but be there when they needed a taxi driver too. I thought my CV was excellent, yet no one else agreed.

Promoting Returners, Rethinkers, Rebalancers and Retirers

So BNW was started. We aim to provide an umbrella for Returners, Rethinkers, Rebalancers and Retirers. We promote them and their capabilities and do not advertise any roles unsuitable for this great pool of people. Each role is carefully checked.

We are extremely lucky though as a large number of exceptional employers realise the potential of experienced candidates. They understand the benefits of employing people with unrivalled experience who are reliable, work hard and bring a fresh perspective and diversity to a company.

We work really closely with a significant number of our employers and charities advising them on roles suitable for the candidates we represent and in some cases re-writing their job spec entirely.

In all cases employers are astounded at the level of responsibility our talented candidates can offer.

Cost Effective

With BNW it is easy and cost effective to list, with a sliding scale of charges and ways to hire. With this in mind short term as well as long term jobs can be advertised with us. The point is that there will always be something suitable for everyone looking.

Make it easy and empowering

I believe that a website should offer information in a positive, uplifting and lighthearted way.

We list roles to suit qualified people rather than roles for school leavers or graduates. We give advice, support, CV tailoring and coaching. In time we will also offer training in both soft skills and hard tech.

The working world is changing dramatically with the boundary between home and work blurring to encourage flexible and mobile working practices as the norm. Flexible working for returners is the new buzz word, we hope to encourage employers to find ways to incorporate both into their businesses.

In all cases, I would like to bust the myth that returning to work is grey or drab or requires business suits and brief cases. It is so much more, colourful, optimistic, inclusive and enjoyable.

Thank you so much for your interest.

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