Why BNW?

  • Experienced Candidates: We promote experienced candidates with 5+ years experience. We encourage recommendations from current and previous users of BoNeW who endorse others. As always personal recommendations are the strongest advocates.
  • Employers and Charities: Progressive entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, larger organisations and charities are looking for candidates on differing contracts. Gone are the days of mainly full time roles. Working contracts have changed immeasurably.
  • Roles: We only promote interesting, accessible and supported employed and charitable roles. Each must pass the test of ones we would like to apply for ourselves.
  • Time: We aim to have a full range of roles from half a day to full time in one place, making a new search much faster and giving a greater choice of suitable positions that realistically fit in with candidate's commitments.
  • Flexibility: Employers are encouraged to assess the flexibility and pressure each role demands. Some relish pressure, some do not.
  • Support: In our candidate advice pages there are suggestions for every area of your search. From setting up your LinkedIn profile to interview practice, we have tried to collate only the most useful information.
  • Variation: We try to list roles that realistically suit many different work/life balance scenarios. From full time to half a day, we are encouraging employers to think flexibly.
  • Pressure and Expectations: Employers are encouraged to assess realistic levels of pressure and stress in each role. Some relish a challenge and some do not.
  • Personal desktop: Registration is free and your personal workspace is a useful area to hold CVs, covering letters and save all your searches and related documentation. This area is private  and cannot be viewed by other candidates or employers.
  • Security: We scan all listings from employers and charities to ensure they are who they say they are.
  • Please note: All candidates need to have five+ years experience in the work place.

Good Luck!

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