Sophie Beeley Coaching

A career change or returning to work after a break can be challenging.

Coaching will support you through the process working on issues such as understanding the role you are looking for and the lifestyle you want, building your confidence and motivation, and achieving a rewarding work life balance and wellbeing.

I work with clients over a minimum of six sessions either face to face or remotely on Zoom. Together we will establish your coaching goals and objectives and a course of action to meet them.



Sophie Beeley

Sophie Beeley
Sophie Beeley Coaching

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Joanna Mollo
AGL Communications

Leadership and Communication

Joanna Mollo - Senior Coach, AGL Communications

Authenticity | Growth | Leadership

What makes a successful leader?  Why do we listen to some people but not to others?  It's all about making a human connection.

Every day, in life and in business, there are potential moments of connection where change can really happen.

Our mission is to give people the words, skills and confidence to make the most of these moments. We help them turn up as their most authentic selves - speaking in a way that feels right (not just polished). We feel at our best and perform at our best when we speak as ourselves not behind a mask. And that's how to bring people with you and get things done.



Career Counselling for Returners

Lucy Moreau, Merlin Consulting

‘Wait a minute, maybe I can do anything’ – Janis Joplin

As a Returner, Retirer or Rethinker, wherever you are positioned, there has never been a better moment to make the most of your personal brand.  However, you may need some guidance as to who you are, and what you want from your career and your life.   As a Career Counsellor, Lucy Moreau can help you identify the factors that influence your career development and ensure you can assess your interests, abilities and values.  She can help you to determine your next step and develop a plan to achieve your goals.  She can provide tips and tools to boost your professional confidence and can also assist you to locate resources and sources of career information.

Lucy is both a returner and reskiller herself, and so has plenty of experience tackling the problems that arise when changing careers.  She had a long career in the horseracing industry, then was a partner in her own Marketing and PR company.  Following a planned career break to bring up her children, she returned to the University of Liverpool to complete a degree in English Literature and is now studying a Postgraduate Masters in Irish Literature.  She gained her Career Counselling qualifications in 2019, borne out of an empathy with those struggling to return to the fast paced world of work.  Lucy is married to a Consultant Surgeon and has been involved with their joint business Merlin Orthopaedics for twenty years, so is well aware of the need for the total discretion and support required when dealing with personal anxieties.



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Lucy Moreau
Merlin Consulting

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Corporate Photographs

Amelia de Jong, ACEsnaps Photography

ACEsnaps Photography works with the mantra “Authentic, Creative and Effective” to capture you and your business with the ultimate imagery.

Amelia has worked with entrepreneurs, small businesses and large Corporates in London, Paris and the Cotswolds for over 20 years both as a businesswoman and a photographer. She is an expert in coaxing a fabulous portrait out of even the most vocal “I hate having my photograph taken”! Amelia also specialises in Personal Branding Shoots, an essential shoot for entrepreneurs and small businesses.