CVs and Interviews

As recruiters, we know a job search can sometimes be demoralising, lengthy and uncertain.  It is also frustrating when excellent candidates let themselves down due to inexperience and nerves.

Let us give you confidence in what you are able to offer and help you promote this both in your CV and your interview technique.  Every person has an exceptional life story to tell, let us ensure yours is heard.

CV - You only have one shot to impress with your covering letter and CV.  Typically in less than 7 seconds.  Getting this right each time takes practice and time.  Let us help create your holding CV and help you tailor it to each application you make.  

LinkedIn - Creating a good, eye catching and professional LinkedIn profile is important.  As necessary is using it.  We teach you both.

Interview - Once you have secured an interview and got this far, let us help you to be the best version of yourself on the day.  Excellent candidates are often lost due to poor presentation skills and lack of confidence.  We are here to change this.

We practice interview both face to face (London) and on-line.   



Option 1 - £550
Full CV/LinkedIn assessment, plus three one-to-one CV and interview sessions on-line.

Option 2 - £1,500
Full CV/LinkedIn assessment, plus indefinite one-to-one CV and interview sessions on-line/in person. This works out cost effective if just starting your application process and applying for a range of roles with several interview processes to navigate.

Please contact us for further details.